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SS9900 AM FM USB LSB 11m CB Radio

The CRT 9900 benefits from a noise filter to enjoy clear, noise-free sound, automatic squelch, dual channel monitoring and adjustable echo.

  • CB Radio offers the possibility of tuning from 1W to 40W or from 4W to 80W, by licensed radio amateurs, and only under the conditions specified in the legislation; (only in certain amateur radio bands with the corresponding limits and restrictions)
  • CRT SS 9900 radio is version 6, allowing the change between 27MHz to 28MHz or 28MHz to 27MHz, using the buttons directly, without the need for software interventions
  • CRT 9900 has 4 modes of use: AM, FM, LSB and USB
  • Amateur Radio Station CRT SS 9900 CB, AM, FM, LSB, USB, 28-29.7Mhz, ASQ, DTMF, Roger Beep, 12V, CTCSS, DCS, programmable

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Thunderpole T-X Handheld CB Radio AM/FM 27mhz

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Thunderpole T-X handheld CB Radio

CB Radio in the United Kingdom

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication, CB radios continue to play a vital role in connecting individuals across the United Kingdom. Citizens Band (CB) radios, once a staple of truckers and emergency services, have found renewed relevance as a reliable means of communication in various settings.

Versatility Across the Terrain

One of the key strengths of CB radios lies in their adaptability to different terrains. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of London or exploring the scenic routes of the countryside, CB radios provide a robust communication solution. They operate on a set of frequencies designated for public use, facilitating easy and instant communication within a reasonable range.

Community Connection

CB radios foster a sense of community, allowing users to connect with like-minded individuals or neighbors. Whether it's coordinating activities in rural areas or sharing information during road trips, CB radios serve as a communal thread, linking people across distances where mobile signals might falter.

Emergency Preparedness

In times of need, CB radios prove invaluable for emergency communication. Their simplicity and widespread usage mean that help or information can be swiftly conveyed in situations where other forms of communication may be compromised. CB radios can be a lifeline during emergencies, providing a direct line of communication without relying on cellular networks.

Regulations and Guidelines

To ensure effective and responsible use of CB radios in the UK, users must adhere to regulations set by the communications authority. Familiarizing oneself with the specific guidelines ensures a smooth and interference-free experience. This includes understanding channel etiquette, power limitations, and the importance of keeping conversations concise and relevant.


As technology advances, CB radios remain a timeless and dependable tool for communication in the UK. Whether used for recreational purposes, community building, or emergency situations, these radios continue to bridge gaps and keep people connected across the diverse landscapes of the United Kingdom.